Ginza Yondaime TAKAHASHIYA
Ginza Yondaime TAKAHASHIYA [store interior]

Ginza Yondaime TAKAHASHIYA

We are a traditional Japanese restaurant based on "Ryoutei Matsu no Chaya",
 a restaurant produced by the Mitsui combine(zaibatsu).
We are a long-established brand, loved by the locals for 150 years.

With all the preparations in place, we finally opened our shop in Ginza, Tokyo.
We have devised a style that will "revolutionize" grilled eel restaurants up to now,
 we opened the restaurant next to the Kabuki-za Theater in Ginza,
hoping to bring the traditional taste of grilled eel,
 which has a long history and is prepared with the utmost care in Japan, closer to customers.
At our Ginza store, we have a collection of first-class products from all over Japan.
First-rate rice. First-rate Honkare Bushi(high-grade dried bonito).
 First-rate water. First-rate kelp. First-rate Kezuri(dried bonito broth).
And first-rate grilling, as only Takahashiya can do.

Grilled eel ― TAKAHASHIYA special ―

Our traditional eel dishes have remained unchanged for 150 years.
Traditional techniques were inherited from the Meiji era.
Eel sauce has been passed down from generation to generation throughout history since the first generation,
 the sauce is the result of our craftsman's spirit,
 which maintains the same taste through daily maintenance without resting on tradition.
The surface of the broiled eel is charred by the powerful Binchotan (high-graded charcoal),
 and the far-infrared radiation makes the broiled eel tender and fragrant inside,
 full of flavor, freshness, nutrients, and collagen.
We will continue to strive every day to be recognized
 by people around the world from Ginza through the "food" of the finest Edomae eel.

Grilled eel

Manager: The Fourth-generation Executive Chef

Inheriting the traditions of a long-established restaurant with a long history,
 we are constantly challenging ourselves to do new things.

Manager: The Fourth-generation Executive Chef

The fourth-generation executive chef is committed to the spirit of craftsmanship,
 which states "the most careful preparation in Japan" to maintain the unchanging taste.
Our carefully selected "eels" are the " best eels of satisfaction"
 with the finest taste, which are made with the utmost care and sincerity,
 skewer by skewer, with an emphasis on the traditional taste.
We are always looking forward to making our customers feel cheerful, relaxed, and "happiness" about deliciousness.
We carefully select the best-grilled eel for your visit or your order.
Enjoy the exquisite cuisine and hospitality of Takahashiya,
 a restaurant frequently visited by celebrities from all walks of life.
We will make a "revolution" of deliciousness in Ginza.

- Our restaurant is featured in several media -

Featured in the Tokyo Gourmet & Sightseeing Special of the web magazine Tabi-iro

We have been featured twice on Yahoo! news.
Saitama S-class gourmet top 30 restaurants. Certified as one of the 100 best eel restaurants.
Various media introduce our grilled eel as certified and reliable deliciousness such as Admachikku Tengoku,
 Mimi Sarai, Dekiru Otoko ga Erabu Mise, Tokyo Calendar, and Nittere! Burari Tochu-gesha no Tabi, Yoi Don! etc.
Especially in the Ginza store,
 you can enjoy exquisite authentic Edomae eel dishes prepared by a master chef who trained in Ginza Kojyu.

Listed in the latest selection of the Michelin Guide Tokyo, September 2023.
Selected as one of the Selected Restaurants in the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2024.

- MENU -

Our Kabayaki and Unajyu-gozen are made with natural domestic eels (the place of production is changed according to the season) by slowly steaming, dipping them in our heirloom secret sauce that has been continuously added for 150 years, and grilling them over the finest Binchotan (high-graded charcoal) to give them a very luxurious taste.
We hope you will enjoy it.
* The above is only a part of the list. We accept boxed lunches too.

The Ginza store uses specially selected first-class ingredients from all over Japan, which is different from the Sugito main store.

Natural matured extra high-quality eel
[eel grilled without seasoning] 

(natural direct-grilled eel/rice/soup/pickles)
Eel, two-tiered ¥9,800
Upper: direct grilled, lower: steamed
(two-tiered Unajyu/soup/pickles)
Freshly cut eel
[eel grilled without seasoning] 

(freshly cut eel Unajyu/soup/pickles)
Extra high-quality eel ¥7,000
(extra high-quality eel/soup/pickles)
Bowl of eel and rice ¥5,000
(bowl of eel and rice/soup/pickles)


Ginza Yondaime TAKAHASHIYA
4F VORT GINZA EAST Ⅱ 4-12-1 Ginza, Chuo-ward, Tokyo 104-0061
Phone +81-3-3547-0021

A 1-minute walk from Hibiya Line/Higashi Ginza station
A 4-minute walk from Ginza Line/Ginza station
A 4-minute walk from Yurakucho Line/Ginza 1-chome station
Right away from Kabukiza Gakuya-guti/Kabukiza
*There is no private parking space, so please use coin-operated lots nearby.
(LUNCH TIME) 11:00 - 16:30
MEAL L.O. 15:00 
(DINNER) 17:00 - 23:00
MEAL L.O. 21:00 
*The entire 46 square meters store can be rented out as a private room.*Please feel free to let us know if you do not like eels.
Monday, The second and the third Tuesday
Inside our restaurant, seat by the window